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So I spend a lot of time talking to the people in my life the way I talk on my MadLove podcast. We have a lot of laughs and a lot of reflection. I don't want to sound obsessed with getting my life together but I'm obsessed with having the best experience I can while I'm here. And one thing that I've found that helps me tremendously is writing down my goals. And not just writing them down but also considering them completed when I do so. I count them as Wins once they make it to the page. So, I've created some notebooks for you guys, too. It's nothing fancy. You may even use a spiral notebook you already have to write in - it doesn't matter: JUST WRITE IT DOWN. And you will feel amazing when you can go back and see your progress. It's a huge motivator for me and I hope this helps anyone else who just needs a little extra push. It's about keeping yourself accountable. You have goals but somehow you just aren't making progress. I promise this will help. Let's go!


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