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#Mindset Matters: You don't stress over things you don't care about.

Many of us view the world in ways that keep us from the things we say we want. For instance, if you view the world as a place where rich people are cruel and selfish, how is it that you want to be rich? Or do you plan to become cruel and selfish? Most people would say no - I'm going to be generous with my wealth...see the conflict? Also, if you can't handle stress, chances are you will not ever achieve your dreams. If dreams were easy to achieve, everyone would accomplish them. Stress is a part of the journey. If stress takes you out, then perhaps you don't really care about your goals. And if you are overwhelmed by a stressful situation or person, maybe you need to CHANGE your goals. This interview says this all much better than I do. Check out Hidden Brain.


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