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My expensive E-book on CBD for dementia

It's not cheap, but it's packed full of info that I hope will help everyone who has been as exasperated as I have been caring for my loved one with dementia. We didn't sleep for seven months. Months and months of not sleeping through the night. Months and months of fighting over cheez-its and weird arguments in the middle of the night. I was desperate for answers, and I found CBD. If you or your loved one suffers from anxiety, you already know the value of something that can potentially help with that condition. Dementia patients have anxiety on steroids because they can't remember enough to calm down. It can be an echo chamber of fear for hours before they fall asleep (or not). Consult a physician. This isn't medical advice. But if you're scrambling for answers, CBD may be the thing you've been waiting to help make managing your dementia patients easier.


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